Will electronic books replace print books?

The ease of electronic publishing makes some believe that form will soon completely replace printed books. People have predicted this for a long time. While the digital side has made gains, it hasn’t been as vast as many originally thought it would be.

Like my daughter says, there is something about having a book in hand that makes it feel more real. It’s the same with a newspaper. It’s not the same reading the Sunday paper online as in your hands.

That said, Amazon just reduced the price of my JFK Kindle book to 99 cents until June 14.

In March, the book on Kennedy ranked second in the Kindle Presidents’ category. Now it’s something like 376th. I guess it is true that popularity is fleeting.

To view the ebook, click here.

If you live in the UK, the 99-cent sale will start June 9 and run until June 16. In pounds, that is something like 0.77.  Its Amazon page is here.


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